JB Moss Family Homestead
Benjamin Crow
Jolene Avery
J. B. Moss
Some Moss History
JB Moss - Author

~ Moss Photo History ~

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Family gathering for Grandma Moss's Funeral - 1977
Famgather01 Famgather02 Famgather03 Famgather04
The GreatGrandchildren
(Some of them)
Seldom seen before
or since
The Children
and spouses
Gathering quietly
is so hard to do

Famgather01 Famgather02 Famgather03
Just about everybody
who could come, did
The Grandchildren
and spouses
Two Sons
Frank and Clarence

Odds and Ends
Kodak Moment Post Card
Three Generations
Circa 1948
Sometimes John would
run away from home!