" Updated news of John's Spine - 8 April 2015 "
MRI taken at Boundary Community Hospital

For some time now I've been experiencing sharp pains down my leg, emanating from the small of my back. (See previous description here.) I've been to the VA and been sent to the same hospital to get my MRI, done a week ago now, and another breakdown in communications has meant that the VA guy hasn't received the results. Is this my fault, for not asking the hospital to send the results to the requesting (VA) doctor? Should he (the VA) have asked for the results after the fact (or before?) I'll pursue this today, since my next appointment with the VA is next Monday.
So, what's next?
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" More of what is happening "

Therapy or Surgery?

Today is Wednesday, April 8, 2015. It seems to take a few days to get a VA appointment, and at this point I've had the MRI taken but don't have a prognosis from the results.


VA Michael McIsaac, PA-C (Kaniksu Clinic, Sandpoint, ID) suggested I have an MRI done and then possibly Physical Therapy or perhaps surgery, depending upon the nature of the problem. At this point I am waiting for the follow-up with McIsaac to see which way is viable.

I have been taking oxycodeine daily, twice a day, to block the pain. I don't have enough meds left to make it to next Monday, so I'm cutting back between now and then to see if I can bear the pain with less meds. Yesterday was uncomfortable, but I went without taking meds in the morning, and by the time I got home I was able to take a pill before doing anything else. I'll see if I can make it today, doing the same thing.

This is just to get me to the point where I can see the VA and find out what happens next. The MRI didn't hurt, but I'm not getting better all by myself, either.

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