JB Moss Family Homestead
Benjamin Crow
Jolene Avery
J. B. Moss
Some Moss History
JB Moss - Author

On a fall day
Circa Millenium plus three
This homestead was established

2 people - John and Mary
0 neighbors known when we moved in
0 friends forgotten
3 together - John, Mary, Tom, and of course Houdini
We enjoy the Idaho panhandle, and Mary just wanted me to say that it seems Alzheimers is indigenous on a summer day; we seem to forget weeks of sub-freezing winter temperatures, winter's snow and icy roads and gray skies. In fact, the beauty here is so remarkable we cannot imagine not living here. Of course, we are free to change our minds come the winter, and we did just that! This isn't our homestead any more, but we have many wonderful memories. We moved just 7 miles closer to Bonners Ferry, Idaho and we love this even more (if that is possible).

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