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WEAS - Worldwide Emergency Alert System

There is, evidenced by the tsunami devastation that rocked the East-Asian hemisphere in December 2004, a need for instant communication to all parts of the globe, based on the assumption that receipt of an early warning will enable readiness to take appropriate action for protection and preservation of life and property.

So where in the world is the emergency occurring? In the United States of America, the President of the United States has the ability to inform the public of an emergency situation as soon as the issue arises. For a more complete description of the scope of this power, see:
http://www.fcc.gov/eb/easfact.html     the fact sheet on the Emergency Alert System (EAS). But - this capability exists basically only in the United States, although Australia and Japan have their own Systems. The existing Alert System structure needs to be examined in light of tragic world events, and focus should include the existing non-emergency means of message dissemination:
  • news stations (radio and TV),
  • weather stations (and remote satellites),
  • airports, and
  • similar networked global enterprises
These should all be explored as vehicles for disseminating worldwide public emergency information. These venues are reasonably available to serve this purpose. What is needed is an agency to tie down a procedure which everyone in the world, all world citizens, would turn to in the event of a local disaster.

Using the existing EAS as a model, what changes might make this system more responsive to global need? Does the need exist? Assuredly. Can the solution be embraced? Only if we take action globally, similar to the planning that created the EAS in the first place. The purpose of this page is simply to create awareness, inform you of the possibility such a system might provide in the future. The issue is truly life and death in terms of importance. Sharing this page is simply a matter of you clicking here and sharing this message with everyone you know. (This link simply brings up your own eMail New-message, enabling you to send a message exactly like the one you received. You can send to your friends using the bcc: (blind copy) feature, thus protecting them from advertising their eMail to others you may wish to include.) Don't worry if you think your friend(s) may have seen the message - perhaps from someone else. They'd rather receive two lifelines, than none at all!

The Reuter's News Service (not affiliated with this Allshare message) has this to add: "Indian Ocean countries have no tsunami warning system. (For more news about emergency relief visit
Reuters AlertNet http://www.alertnet.org
email: alertnet@reuters.com;
+44 207 542 24 32)

Maybe 'tis you?And who knows - it might be YOU that has the vision and capability to make things happen, to formulate the necessary plan and people such that action to create a WEAS can be taken! It may be YOU who knows the people with the 'how to' that will get the ball rolling. In the beginning, there was a plan... ...let's get a plan together, shall we?

Pass this on to someone else, if you'd like. There is NO LUCK attached.
If you delete this, it's okay: Nobody's luck is dependent On E-Mail.

Author: http://www.fcc.gov/eb/eas/ and J Moss
Submitted by: J Moss, 28 December 2004

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