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I suppose, if you are unfamiliar with the term 'serendipity', you won't be here on this page reading this paragraph. After all, not everyone is curious, and not everyone has time for exploration of things not directly in their immediate focus of interest. That's OK - everything available to you here is meant to be examined when you DO have the time, when your path is clear and your mind free to accept new ideas. You are here because you are curious, and if you have not yet discovered TED, I am privileged to give you this opportunity.

Monterey, 27 Feb-1 March 08
TED Home Page

Many people come to TED seeking something out of the ordinary. A chance to mentally recharge. A chance to step back and consider the really big stuff that's happening. A chance to understand life in a richer way. *

Now the bad news - TED2008 (the scheduled Spring meetings for 2008, first link above) is totally sold out, a waiting list is provided on the site, but - seats are not likely to be available. But there is good news, too. Through the sponsorship of BMW, Pangea, (and others) all of the talks and presentations of past seasons remain available to you, free, at TED (click on Logo, above). Depending on your interests of the moment, you can immerse yourself in presentations in the following theme areas: Technology, Entertainment, Design, Business, Science, Culture, Arts, Global issues, and other featured topics.

So go ahead, take the side trip to visit TED, and when you do, you may want to bookmark TED to revisit time and time again. I (still) do - and have been, for some time. I'm sure, since you're here now, you will share my interest in this gratuitous site. 'Bye now, and have fun!

Author: John B. Moss
Submitted by: J. Moss, 7 January 2008
* Excerpted from the web site 'TED'.

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Items of General Interest


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