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Kruger National Park, South Africa
This home video, shot in early 2007, is famous for its capture of a battle between Cape Buffalos, lions, and crocodiles. What makes the image more poignant is the demonstrated communication that takes place among the buffalo after a few of them are attacked, and how they rally to defend their own. You will see what appears to be a hopeless cause for a captured calf turn in to a full rout of the lions. The crocodiles? It doesn't pay to get too close to the river!

Where is the Park located? It is situated in the extreme North-East of South Africa, just above Swaziland and next to Mozambique; not far from Pretoria, which is just a few kilometres North-East of Johannesburg. The central Kruger Park region consists of extensive grassy plains that are interrupted by lush riverine vegetation along the Olifants and Letaba rivers. This region has several dams and birdhides, it makes up only 30 per cent of the Kruger Parks area, but accounts for 40 per cent of its total biomass, supporting about half of the parks lion and other predators. Central Kruger Park has an abundance of excellent browsing trees attracts large amounts of game. The look out point near the Olifants River is breathtaking viewpoint.

Marula trees provide nourishment to a range of herbivores, elephants, giraffes and mischievous baboons all feast on and become slightly intoxicated as the fruit ferments. Along the scenic Olifants and Letaba rivers, you can enjoy the site of hippos or observe crocodiles lying in stealth waiting for a springbok to pass by. The best time to visit the Central Kruger Park is during the winter months from April till September, as water is restricted to rivers and waterholes. (Ref. Accomodation Direct)

Author: Content from YouTube.
Submitted by: J. Moss, 9 May 2009

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Items of General Interest

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