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Enjoy:   'Faces of a President'    ~ images seen on the web

President Reagan taking oath
President Reagan stressing a point
President Reagan Raising a finger
President Reagan smiling in salute
President HW Bush imahe on TIME
President HW Bush sitting at desk in Oval Office
President HW Bush at the microphone
President HW Bush with Bill Clinton
President Clinton squinting
President Clinton  saluting
President Clinton admonishing gesture
President Clinton angry ponder
President Clinton frowning grimace
President Clinton with open-hand gesture
President GW Bush with mouth pursed
President GW Bush with outstretched arms, asking
President GW Bush with Dick Cheny
President GW Bush upholding hand with 3 fingers
President Obama Pointing a finger
President Obama stressing a point
President Obama giving the finger
President Obama with self-satisfied grin
What behavior on the part of a Presidential candidate illustrates an ability to govern, to deal with
  • international issues; diplomacy, trade
  • economic issues; banking,poverty
  • social issues; crime, education
  • military responsibility; Commander in Chief
This is but a partial list and yet we expect one man to be competent in all of these areas. We must not accept an incompetent person as our leader. The point is that when we place someone in charge of the country we expect competency in all of these areas, and more! We expect to elect a competent decision-maker who can and will take responsibility for his actions. We must look at his track record BEFORE the election; actions speak louder than words.

Author: JB Moss
Submitted by: JB Moss, 10 April 2014

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Items of General Interest


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