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Enjoy: Salvation Army, Montclair Citadel Brass Band, plays 'The Old Rustic Bridge'" ~     ~ a la YouTube   Listening Tip
Horn Solo - The Old Rustic Bridge - Erik Leidzen
Salvation Army International Staff Band - David Winch, Principal Horn
Supported by the Montclair Citadel Band, New Jersey, USA

Come with me, back through the years, where as a young lad I played in a Salvation Army band. I grew up in the Salvation Army, and was thoroughly embedded in the music and the church, too. This particular arrangement, written by Eric Leidzen, brings back fond memories of Mr. Leidzen who I happened to take music instruction from in a Salvation Army Summer Music Camp.

I no longer attend the Salvation Army, and am now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I enjoy the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, of course, and I sing now out of the Mormon Hymnal, but this music will always remind me of my youth and my enjoyment of playing in the band.

Oh, and did I say,    I'm a Mormon. ?  --   John B. Moss

Author: Gary Venables (YouTube) - 2009
Submitted by:JB Moss 3 April 2014

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Items of General Interest


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