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Who was Albrecht Dürer?
Germain painter (1471-1528)

Phonetic Pronunciation: AHL'-brehkt DUH'-rer
Audio Pronunciation:

Feet Of A Kneeling Man - 1508 - Albrecht Dürer
Albrecht Dürer was a prolific painter, engraver, artist and scientist who is included here, in Allshare, specifically because of a little-known study he engraved in 1514, titled 'Melencolia I, a variation on 'Melancholia''. In a diffident gesture , Dürer hid up in the corner of this painting something later discoverers called the 'Magic Square'.

In a 4 by 4 depiction of 16 different numbers, Dürer illustrated a configuration which depicts the sum of 34 when the squares are added in various directions. The rows, the columns, the 4 corners, all individually add up to 34. In addition, there are various internal constructs which, when recognized, also add up to 34. (Actually, Dürer was quite pleased with his 'invention'. Look at the description accompanying the last picture, below.)

Shown here is the painting Melancholia I. Clicking on the painting will produce a pop-up of large size, which will enable examining the detail of this painting and further permit study of the 'Magic Square' in the artist's rendition. Given the artist's range and scope of work, this little gem, embedded as it is in this painting, gives rise to wondering where, if at all, other surprises may be hidden in his work. I leave it up to you, dear visitor, to discover these for yourself. In the meantime, when you return from studying the pop-up, here is a more modern illustration of Dürer's Magic Square.
Melancolia I

Melancolia I - 1514 - Albrecht Dürer

Pass mouse over the image below

Note the colors match the diagrams on the left.
Signature Line

Note the date in the middle and the initials symbolized by 1 for Albrecht, 4 for Dürer. He may have been shy, but he knew he had created a piece of magic! By the way, he created/painted this picture in his 43rd year. I'll bet he just couldn't create a table using the sum of 43, what do you think?
Author: Wikipedia (and other sources) (Link)
Submitted by: DJ Crooks, 13 March 2014
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Items of General Interest


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