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Names of the Full Moon

Colonial American Chinese American Indian (Cherokee) American Indian (Choctaw) American Indian (Dakota Sioux) Celtic English Medieval Neo Pagan New Guinea
January Winter Holiday Cold Cooking Terrible Quiet Moon Wolf Ice  
February Trapper's Budding Bony Little Famine Racoon, When Trees Pop Ice Storm Snow Rainbow Fish
March Fish Sleepy Windy Big Famine Sore Eyes from Bright Snow Winds Chaste Death Parrotfish
April Planter's Peony Flower Wildcat Geese Return in Scattered Formation Growing Seed Awakening Palolo Worm
May Milk Dragon Planting Panther Leaves are Green, Time to Plant Bright Hare Grass  
June Rose Lotus Green Corn Windy June Berries are Ripe Horses Dyan Planting Flying Fish
July Summer Hungry Ghost Ripe Corn Crane Middle Summer Claiming Mead Rose Black Trevally
August Dog Day's Harvest Fruit Women's All Things Ripen Dispute Corn Lightening Open Sea
September Harvest Chrysanthemum Nut Mulberry Calves Grow Hair Singing Barley Harvest  
October Hunter's Kindly Harvest Blackberry Quilting and Beading Harvest Blood Blood Tiger Shark
November Beaver White Trading Sassafras Horns are Broken Off Dark Snow Tree Rain and Wind
December Christmas Bitter Snow Peach Twelfth Moon Cold Oak Long Night  
Following source: J. Hugh Pruett's April, 1946, article in Sky and Telescope magazine entitled "Once in A Blue Moon". The second full moon in a month was called Blue Moon.

Blue Moons between 2008 and 2011
All dates and times are given in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Year Month First Full Moon Blue Moon
2009 December 2nd at 07:29 31st at 19:11

The Blue Moon dates provided by http://www.obliquity.com.

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